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Discovery Gift 4

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Kuná is the result of a constant and tireless effort to create the finest chocolate in the most sustainable way possible, with a unique identity. Over the years, Kuná has been able to establish relationships of mutual trust and support with groups of farmers that go beyond the simple direct purchase of cocoa beans.
This passion for cocoa, we wanted to transmit it to you through our products. This objective perpetually nourishes and renews our commitment to provide you with excellent quality chocolate that still contains all of its natural virtues. 
So this set Kuná guarantees you a real delight and a discovery for your taste buds through its 4 bars made of natural cocoa.

Our collection of certified organic and kosher dark chocolates features bars made with freshly picked cocoa. Each is prepared according to an original recipe from cocoa from a single source.
This discovery gift includes 4 assorted bars.