About Us

About us?

Get to know our story and family!

I am Pablo chocolatier and I started this project
thanks to my little daughters, who reminded me of the delicious taste, the
sweetness, and above all, the experience of preparing a hot chocolate in the
afternoon and to share this experience with them.  All this has triggered my interest to develop
this project.

EVA and MILA my daughters have encourage me to test my skills in the kitchen when it comes to creating the perfect hot chocolate for them and my family. So, resorting in all my years of experience as a chef, I managed to make an almost perfect hot chocolate, yet something  was missing. That something
was the flavor of my homeland, context: I am Ecuadorian, and preparing hot chocolate with my daughters reminded me of those winter afternoons I spent in my youth making hot chocolate along with my grandmother. She prepared the best chocolate in the world that involved the whole process from mixing the ingredients which she harvests, to serving the hot chocolate in the brass cups.

Such experience recalled me that here in Canada, the chocolate and spice employed to prepare this beverage are very different in flavor from the ones that are produced in Ecuador. This is why I decided to bring the ingredients from my own country to achieve the taste that I am very fond of.